Thursday, June 05, 2008

How To Recognize a Genuine Birkin Handbag

A genuine Birkin handbag is a big investment and should be approached with care and knowledge - an accessory that can cost as much as $8,000.00 is not to be taken lightly!

Here are some signs that the Birkin bag you are interested in is real:

  • Look at the logo very carefully. The makers of the Birkin bag (Hermes) owns the font and the typeface and it is not easy for forgers to copy. Go to the Hermes site or, if it is available, a store that you know carries genuine Birkins and study the logo.

  • Feel the leather. The leather used in a Birkin is top quality and feels very rich and also has a distinctive leather smell.

  • Look at the stitching. All Birkins have what is called a "saddle" stitch which is created when two needles crisscross each other to form an "X" pattern. The purpose of this special stitch is so that, even if one stitch breaks, the handbag will not unravel.

  • Something that is much harder to see is that the thread used to sew the bag is coated in beeswax.

Birkin handbags are designed to last a lifetime and, if the bag you bought online as "genuine" falls apart, changes are it is not real.

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